À Bientôt, Paris!
French Chocolate Gifts in Hand
from the Famous La Dureé
A Last Excursion Around Paris
Hangin' at a café on the Champs
À Bientôt, Paris!
Tom (Jefferson) lived here.
L'Arc de Triomphe sits at
the western end of the
Champs-Élysées in the
center of the Place Charles
de Gaulle and honors those
French soldiers who fought in
the Napoleonic wars and also
houses the Tomb of the
Unknown Soldier
L'Église de la Madeleine
(In its present form, it was designed
as a tribute to the glory of Napolean's
"The Madeleine is built in the Neo-
Classical style and was inspired by the
Maison Carrée at Nîmes, the best-
preserved of all Roman temples. Its
fifty-two Corinthian columns, each 20
metres high, are carried around the
entire building. The pediment
sculpture of the Last Judgement is by
Lemaire, and the church's bronze
doors bear reliefs representing the
Ten Commandments."
"Inside, the church has a single nave
with three domes over wide arched
bays, lavishly gilded in a decor inspired
as much by Roman baths as by
Renaissance artists. At the rear of
the church, above the high altar,
stands a statue by Charles Marochetti
depicting St Mary Magdalene being
carried up to heaven by two angels.
The half-dome above the altar is
frescoed by Jules-Claude Ziegler,
entitled The History of Christianity,
showing the key figures in the
Christian religion with—a sign of its
Second Empire date— Napoleon
occupying centre stage."
--quoted from Wikipedia--
From L'Eglise de la
Madeleine, towards La
Place de La Concorde
Red Light at La Place de La
Concorde -- This picture
contains the home of the
Assemblée Nationale - (Le
palais Bourbon de jour),
L'obélisque égyptien de
Louxor, La Fontaine de
Jacques Hittorff and (in the
distance) Les Invalides.
La Colonne Rostrale de La Place de la
Concorde, et La Tour Eiffel
Barbara Streisand á Paris
Quel Spectacle!
(Comme la beurre!)
Á la prochaine!