Felices Fiestas y Próspero Año Nuevo 2008
Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2008
Joyeuses Fêtes et Bonne Année 2008
“Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, 'Grow, grow!’”  --The Talmud
We hope this end-of-year letter finds everyone happy, healthy and prosperous. We started out 2007 with a New
Year's party at home. Inna came to visit for the New Year and we took her to see, among many sights, the white
pelicans of Petatán – amazing!. (See website for pictures.) In January, we took a quick road trip to Los Angeles for a
wonderful visit with family friends, Dr. Sidney Reif and wife Renee, as well as a brief visit with nephew and niece-in-law,
Brent and Alison.  Then, at the end of March we left Mexico to spend April, May and June in the City of Eternal Light.  
We were very fortunate to rent a great apartment in the 19th arrondissement from the best landlord in the world.  
Fabrice not only alerted us to happenings in and around Paris, but he also invited us to a rehearsal and performance
of his Renaissance chorale followed by a dinner.  This was a real treat and honor.  We did a lot of sightseeing around
Paris et environs and even fit in a trip to Grenoble. We celebrated our 7th  wedding anniversary at L’Arpege, and
Kathleen’s birthday at Altitude 95 on the Eiffel Tower.  We saw and did so very much, but there were still so many
things we didn’t fit in during the three months. We decided that we would just have to go back soon to see and do all
the things we couldn’t fit in! We returned the last day of June, already missing Paris, but eager to see the rainy
season at Lake Chapala.  Kathleen’s sister Carolyn, niece Maria and great-niece Jennifer and friend Jenny came to
visit us in July. August held surgery for Kathleen, and a trip to visit family in Texas. By the time we got back in
September, we were looking forward to staying home awhile.  In October, we had a visit from good friends Inna and
Milvi.  In December we got to see our new friends Jess and Carol again, as they made their way down from Dallas and
on to Manzanillo, where they’ll stay for a few months before returning to Chapala.  And so, the year comes to a close.
It has been a busy one! We’re looking forward to a quiet Mexican Christmas and New Year. And to you, precious
family and dear  friends new and old, we wish  a New Year that brings us all peace,  new and wonderful life
adventures, the love and respect of good people, a great deal of happiness, prosperity, good health,  and a
competent American President. (Okay, the part about a competent President is just a pipe dream.)
Wishing you the very best.  
All our love,
Tom and Kathleen Gallier
Pictures: 1. Tom, Kathleen, Alison and Brent; 2. Kathleen at Parc Floral de Paris; 3. Fabrice in concert; 4. Kathleen,
Tom on the Seine;  5. Jennifer, Jenny, Carolyn, Kathleen and Tom in Manzanillo; 6. Good friends Peter and Georgina;
7. Tom’s  daughter Heather with daughter Kayla and boyfriend Tom  in San Antonio, TX; 8. Tom’s Mom, Tom, and  
Tom's Aunt Mary James; 9. Jess,Carol,Tom, Kathleen in Tlachichilco (March Paella Party); 10. Carolyn, Jennifer,Maria,
Jenny, Tom, Kathleen in Guadalajara; 11. Kathleen, with our friends Britt-Marie, Efigenia, Milvi, and Inna  in Ajijic