“Peaceful be the earth, peaceful the ether, peaceful heaven, peaceful the waters, peaceful the herbs,
peaceful the trees. May God bring me peace. May there be peace through these invocations of peace.  . . . let
everything be beneficial to us.”  ---   Atharva Veda Samhita 10. 191. 4

We hope that this 2009 New Year letter finds you happy, healthy, surrounded with Love, and on to new and
wonderful life adventures.  Probably our biggest change last year was our move to Placerville, California.  Tom
decided that he wanted to come out of retirement, and return to management.    He was hired on as General
Manager of El Dorado Irrigation District, located in Placerville, California.  Tom is a great manager, and he was
very excited to join EID to meet the challenges of a Northern California District that dealt with water, wastewater,
irrigation, recycled water, hydroelectric power, parks & recreation and lakes.  Tom is very fortunate to have a
board of directors that are capable, dedicated and caring, and, in addition, they are right nice people!  We  rented
a house, and I got busy trying to make a home for us in CA, while Tom got busy restructuring EID.  I have been
focusing on my writing and illustrating my book, while Tom has put all his energies into the challenges at EID.  We
did not sell our home in Mexico, visit it during our vacations, and plan to return to it full time, when he re-retires.    
El Dorado County is a beautiful county in Northern California which contains a great variety of climates and
terrain. It is home to a number of well-known, respected vineyards, fruit orchards, breweries, and Christmas tree
farms, among other businesses.    When we first saw the area, it was in the spring and, with all the lush
vegetation, the foothills looked like the emerald rolling hills of Ireland, with the higher elevations towards Lake
Tahoe still blanketed with snow.  As the summer came, the green grass of the foothills began to dry out and
turned a furry golden. This was still visually quite beautiful, but more and more dangerous as things dried out.  
Fortunately, Placerville did not have any of the devastating fires that plagued many areas in California, but there
were many fires close by, and for a few weeks, the air was smoky and tense.  In September, Tom was able to
successfully restructure EID. Five days passed peacefully before the American and World economic dominoes
began to tumble into each other, leaving us all uncertain of what was going to happen next.   The rest of the year
has been very difficult for the district.
So what’s ahead for us in 2009?  For Tom, it will probably be EID, and working on his book at a slower pace than
when he was retired. For me, with good fortune, 2009 will hopefully bring the final stages of editing and illustrating
of my book of fables before it’s published.
To all of our family and friends: we love you and we wish you a 2009 of peace, love, friendship, good health,
success, prosperity, and abundance in what is most important.  ---Kathleen and Tom Gallier

“Lead me from death to life, from falsehood to truth; Lead me from despair to hope, from fear to trust; Lead
me from hate to love, from war to peace; Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe” ---Satish Kumar